Diversity & Inclusion: Revolution or Reform

A New Kind of HR with Pharoah Bolding

January 11, 2022 Connie & David Season 1 Episode 10
Diversity & Inclusion: Revolution or Reform
A New Kind of HR with Pharoah Bolding
Show Notes

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Welcome to Diversity & Inclusion: Revolution or Reform?  We are beyond excited and humbled to speak with Pharoah Bolding today on the podcast. Our conversation with Pharoah is all about Human Resources, it’s culture of racism, compliance, and lack of change, and the need for a “new” more human-centered approach to HR and the work it is called to do. This was a conversation that was much needed in the DEI space and we want to extend a big thank you to Pharoah for his vulnerability, time, and candidness throughout the conversation.

Guest Bio

Pharoah is the (self-proclaimed) World's Greatest Comic Drawin’ HR professional, ready and willing to defend his title at a moment's notice! By day Pharoah kicks HR butt with a focus on equity, diversity, and inclusion. By...later...in the day Pharoah makes comics, watches wrestling, and kicks pop culture butt! 

Pharoah has worked in human resources for everyone from the sports and entertainment industry to nonprofit organizations and institutions of higher ed, with a focus on equity and inclusion, building inclusive workplaces and work cultures, ethical recruiting, facilitating professional and personal development training, and leading initiatives and conversations around white supremacy, anti-Blackness, and oppression in the workplace and in the community. He has also facilitated community conversations and trained professionals from every industry you can think of on equity, inclusion, white supremacy, and anti-racism.

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