Diversity & Inclusion: Revolution or Reform

Justice Informed with Xavier Ramey

September 28, 2021 Connie & David
Diversity & Inclusion: Revolution or Reform
Justice Informed with Xavier Ramey
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“If we can design for injustice, we can design for justice..” - Xavier Ramey

Welcome to episode 4 of Diversity & Inclusion: Revolution or Reform? Today we are joined by Xavier Ramsy. David and Xavier discuss the complexities of work in the DEI space, the unfortunate rise and popularity of DEI work due to the Black Lives Matter Movement and the importance of “celebrating the wins” through DEI work as a way to honor what has been accomplished. Today’s episode is filled with gems from beginning to end. A special thank you to Xavier for his time, wisdom, commitment, and humor.

Guest Bio

Xavier Ramey is the CEO of Justice Informed, a social impact consulting firm based in Chicago, IL. He is an award-winning social strategist, noted public speaker, & conflict mediator. 

Combining his background in economics, extensive management & social impact experience, & direct action campaigning in the Black Lives Matter movement, Xavier leads a company that brings a wealth of experience & network to clients seeking catalyzed strategies for inclusion, philanthropy, CSR, & community engagement. 

A native Chicagoan, he is a recognizable voice on the topics of community and economic development, policing & policy violence, & connecting the Christian faith to our lived experience. Through his leadership at Justice Informed, Xavier has consulted with institutions across the world on their DEI, community engagement, and philanthropic strategies. He has served as an advisor to Fortune 500 executives, provided strategic social impact guidance on multi-billion dollar business acquisitions and impact portfolios in addition to leading Masterclasses at top-ranked graduate programs in business and executive communications. Xavier has delivered keynotes across the world, including the TedX stage as well as before audiences of 20,000 people alongside world leaders on the topic of global equity and change.


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